Which Is The Best Android Smartwatch?

Is now the time to buy an Android Smartwatch?

From big manufacturers such as LG, Samsung and Sony to upstarts like Pebble, a multitude of companies are developing smartwatches to serve as your smartphone extension. Although features and designs vary, the main allure of a smartwatch is to deliver notifications to your easier-to-view wrist (which includes phonecalls, text messages, emails and social updates), so you can determine whether it is worth taking out your phone to act upon. Essentially, smartwatches can save you time — but there’s a lot more to this expanding category.

Several smartwatches offer an expanding library of apps, and some are packaged with fitness features to assist you becoming more active and monitor your exercise progress. Others expand on functioniality with built in cameras, and voice functionality (particularly those running Android Wear, utilizing Google Now Voice Search)

OS and Smartphone Compatibility

Smartwatches, in general, are meant to serve as companions/extensions to your phone. Compatibility with [your] phone therefore is critical. Very view phones work with both the Android and iOS operating systesms; however the Omate X, Bais (myBasis.com) Martian Notifier as well as the Pebble and Pebble Steel are examples of phones that do.